HUBLi incubates ideas that change the world

Imagine a world where homes, schools and businesses transform into an incubator for new ideas – a student goes to school to build ideas on top of the regular curriculum, an employee assumes individual interests in addition to job responsibilities, and lifestyles encourage harmonious innovation at home. Pursuing its vision for the next 100 years to become the world’s largest pool of inventors and experts, avant-garde consulting firm NABROS seeks to achieve this progressive incubator world scenario through three primary initiatives.

The first stream is through NABROS, which provides fixed-cost, enterprise-level consulting. 1816zenden offers architecture, interior and lifestyle simplification solutions, while the HUB for Learning and Innovation (HUBLi) is a virtual incubation portal and community that seeks to transform homes, schools and businesses into incubation centres. HUBLi is a programme where individuals and institutions can connect to share ideas through grants, events, publications and discussions called brainstorms.

“If the bees help cross-pollinate and the fish assist in keeping the water fresh, then what is a human’s core function?” asks Abhi Rajmane (DhiYogi) , Chief Design Inventor of NABROS. “Considering that a human’s core strength is having the most advanced brain, mankind’s function may be to innovate, to make the world better for everyone, including all other species. We intend to wake up the inventor within each person to create a global community of experts and inventors.”

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Idea-building can be profound, but Rajmane has encapsulated the practice in simple steps through the iINVENT book which readers – from a third-grader to a homemaker or a CEO – can easily apply.

“The need of the future is to innovate and build in harmony with nature,” Rajmane says. “We need to correct the mistakes we have done during the industrial revolution.”

NABROS shares its global perspective with partners from the United States, Switzerland, India and Singapore, forging connections with investors, schools and homemakers within the region.