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Thank you students and community

Enjoyed our brain storm and sharing personal stories: to give the best, learn from the rest, relationships, failures and more.

 Feel free to share and pay forward the navigation points and ideas that resonated with you.

Share your AIM

Share your Art, Ideas, Music or ? or feedback.

Did I do my best:

is the one question one needs to ask after each effort be it in our studies, relationships or career.

A letter to you

Just ask for it:

be it some help, an opportunity, a proposal, a dance or a date  or a promotion.

What’s the worst that may happen – a NO.

But the fear of a “NO” or the result …

A song about the idea of one’s fears. Disclaimer: this is just an example..please do not replicate

Some stories and navigation pointers

that were discussed:

By the time you are 40 (at the latest), you will have all that you aspire for – guaranteed.

Get married and have kids before 30 – the career, fun, travels and everything else will fall in it’s place .

Relationships always teach us something new and cool. Connect on ideas.

Idea grows with the one who owns it. Copy cats will always be there.

With each challenge or a loss or a F, there comes a new idea and opportunity to do better.

Pay forward your ideas and skills to help self, community and the environment.

Idea for your ideas.

Develop the Train Of Thought to bring your ideas to life.

Thank you IIT Dharwad Team and Ottillie for the opportunity to follow my Carpenter.

(The  students  know the story)

Pay IT Forward projects for Students


your Art, Ideas, Music, questions or feedback.