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Design, Values and Ideas

for our journey to build the 1.1B DF community.

Compound interest

The easy part: What do I do?

Train of thought on track

The hard part: How do I enable my ideas so to be on track?

Yoga for your ideas

Q n A

The question and answer session

If birds have wings and fish have fins, what is it that you and I have which is special?

Our ideas ..

Which Idea to pursue with so many priorities, distraction and changes?

The idea that helps me, everyone else and the environment.

What do I do when someone says one thing and does the contrary?

Each experience and individual teaches a lesson on what to do and what not to. After we have given our best and shared whatever we could, it is time to focus on the lesson vs what he or she did. Plus pray at night that we get some good ideas so does the other person :)

My mind says to do one thing and my heart says another. What should I do?

In trying to balance the heart and mind we will get good ideas. So the key is, to get the focus on to the idea being pursued or the big picture. In doing so the best effort and choice will prevail: be it from the hearth or mind or both.

When some one cheats or hurts me, should I retaliate, stop or help again?

In each experience is a hidden  lesson. If we focus on the lesson, we will know the idea to pursue next time.

Man or a woman is a better leader and does the corporate world encourage both?

Each one has their own strength. Who ever is able to enable the best in each team member, that individual is a good leader. A balanced work policy is certainly required to ensure a woman’s inherent nurturing strength or a man’s logical inclination is complimented.

The  kannada song

 that was not performed due to time constraints.  Other videos from concert will be coming soon.

Share your ideas and feedback

Feel free to share your ideas, feedback or questions for the 1.1 B .

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