Yoga to catch, plant and grow ideas in the pursuit of Life, Love and Light.

Ongoing curation by Abhi DhiYogi

The ongoing online curation of DHI ideas


This resonance of ideas, stories and songs is an effort to compliment one’s unique pursuit of happiness, love n’ truth

with Yoga:

To give our best, accept what one may get and learn from the rest with each breath.



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You may find duplication of ideas that overlap as you read multiple sections.

Health comes first

Health should be the first priority in our pursuits. The notion that health, our body, can be neglected in the name of what ever leads to a situation where one may get everything one seeks but may not be able to enjoy or comprehend it to the fullest.



If we try to control, evaluate or analyze our mind, it is a lost cause.

But with love and reflection we may become aware of our thoughts, ideas, choices and mind a little better.



The conflict between logic and emotion or the heart and mind is put to rest when Dhi resonates with love in the breath.



The unique frequency at which each living being resonates. Respect it please and don’t mess with it in the name of meditative bliss.


Peace and Happiness

In the pursuit of happiness Abhi travelled the world, met new people, bought what he could.

That was fun.

But it was when he found Peace that he actually found the meaning of Happiness.



In giving the best one has and accepting what ever one gets, love comes to life.


We will run out of words and ink in trying to describe the experience of  Truth.

Yoga is

giving the best, accepting what one gets and learning from the rest with each breath.

Thank You

For your suggestions, ideas and shares.